Monday, October 29, 2007

Forgotten Lores

Inspired by Sally Mann's series "What Remains". Forgotten lores

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Sally Mann - exhibition

Virginia # 42, 2004

Sally Mann's exhibition at Tennis Palace Art Museum was exiting experience. It was composed with tree series; Immediate Family, Deep South and What Remains. The first shocked in states, which is not surprising considering the demonising of nudity and especially nude children images amongst conservative circles.

This made me think about people in my pictures, I would like to have models to make directed pictures, occasionally, exploring the nudity as well. But I have opposition against nude pictures by my better half so lets see when and how it is possible. ;)

What Remains was nicely disturbing with the touch of the rotten bodies. Seeing the pictures triggered the sense of smell of something not so pleasant, even thou, there wasn't any odour.

Sally Mann is using old fashion photo techniques and her pictures have a dreamlike tone where all the mistakes of developping the images makes the pictures as whole.

This exhibition was encouraging me continue to work with film, at least, keeping the film's uncertainty as part of my experimental photography.
Tennis Palace Art Museum

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Africa, Magic...

Mythological figures from Africa...

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Good Hair Day!

Good Saturday! All you need is a wonderful Jesus or Castro hair cut and loads of power from Guinness!!!

This small bar at Anomabu, Ghana, promises power if drinking Guinness. And after after many Guinnesses people will be really powerfull!! ;)

Would you like to try a wonderful Jesus hair cut?

Ayitola Hair Cut, Thank you Jesus! - On poster they promote Backstreet Boys hair styles.... coool!!
Would you have instead Castro Hair Cut??

In Ghana the hair seems to be important to be maintained well, anyway, if you get, mmm, not so perfect hair cut, it always grows back, thou!!

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Photo thursday challenge 65. / Valokuvatorstai haaste 65

P O R T A A T / S T A I R S

These stairs are from Galleria Spectra, Kristinestad, Finland. The attic of this gallery is huge and there is one room with okay floor and fire place. I got an idea last summer when I was participating an exhibition of local art society, this attic should be used for some kind of ghost or spooky room for children where they could do art and drawings when downstairs is the art society's own exhibition... have to talk with the head of society..
This week's topic "stairs" remided me a town in Kent, Great Britain, where I lived 1 month when I was 15 years old. It's called Broadstairs. But I don't have now any pictures of the town so.....

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Flying over Sahara

Sahara Hot Nights Curve
Originally uploaded by A L E K S U R.

On air picture of Sahara desert. Click the picture to see moore Sahara hot pictures! ;)

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Photo thursday challenge 64 / Valokuvatorstai haaste 64

Waste / Saaste ... challenge 64 / photo Thursday

This picture is from Anomabu beach, Ghana. People are using the beach as a toilet, so when walking one have to keep eye on human shit if not wanting to step on it. The village council has tried to force people to pay for cheap toilet (substituted by government) but they claim that the smell is too bad that they prefer to do their thing at the beach instead..

here is one extra picture..


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50 degrees celcius

From starting place + 47 Celsius to -3 Celsius, means that I got back from Ghana after travelling close to 20 hours. It is nice to be back in cold climate but the returning came just when my body finally started to take the intense heat. So it is amazing how bodies can change or adapt. The culture shock when coming back to Finland was that here is no people, the streets were empty and none will come to try sell something to you or trying to be your best friend for money..

I have taken incredible amount of pictures, close to 1500 , so I will put up some kind of exhibition out of the best pictures and edit a small video from the 10 hours of video material what I took...

Now is the time to start thinking again the normal life and open bills that the postman has been dropping in through the letter box...

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Going to Ghana! Africa calling

In few hours my Nordic presence will change to be more closer of equator, on the other words, I am going to Ghana in west Africa. The aim of the trip is to build a church with enthusiastic group of church builders from Finland. The group's strength is 21.
So, next two weeks will be full of photo shooting, layering brigs, plasting and using a video camera, not forgetting swimming and safaris.....

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Valokuvatorstai 62.haaste "Tulevaisuus" / photothursday challenge62 "future"

Terveet elämän tavat nauristavat
Originally uploaded by A L E K S U R.


Hyvät elintavat ja terveellinen ruoka on tulevaisuutta!! Hei hei, burilaiset, porilaiset ja pizzakiekot!!

Healthy food and living will be the future, good bye burgers and cheesy pizzas!! - ah well, they are so popular that they might stay....


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First diggings ..err, digipics..

Well, here are the first images with new camera from tday. Walking around southern Helsinki.

near noon sun

Kylpy / Bad

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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Oh no! I bought a digital camera!

Okay, now I have broke my long lasting love relationship with film by buying a digital camera (canon eos 30D). Anyhow, it is not the most advanced and professional but probably good for my usage.
The reason for this, or the tricker was the forthcoming Africa trip. I started to calculate how much slide film I would have to buy and how much the development would cost.
Anyway, I will take a lomo camera with me to just get the film feeling! ;)

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Valokuvatorstai haaste 61 / photo thursday challenge 61 "On olemassa kursiivinen melankolia"

well, dunno how to translate this week's challenge: "there is a cursive (continuing cronical) melancholia" and I didn't really know this word in the first place and not sure if I ever will understad.. ;)
This picture was taken in Riga (summer 2007), Andrejsala, dock area where loads of young artist activities and underground culture..

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