Friday, June 29, 2007

KUMU - Eesti Kunstimuuseum

Pictures from KUMU - Art museum of Estonia. This museum is my favourite, I could spend there for many hours. Unfortunately, we only had one hour to go around before closing and we chose to go through Russian comtemporary art exhibition. When going back to Tallinn someday I will definately go back and spend whole day there...

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

To Baltics Tallin & Riga

I am on a trip to Tallinn and Riga, it is just a short trip this time but really exiting one because it is first time for me in Latvia.
I will post pictures later from my trip

Ciau by now!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Valokuvatorstai challenge 50 / KONE (machine)

Originally uploaded by A L E K S U R.

This time I didn't have energy to think much of the challenge, but there is a machine in a way or another.

- on kone kaapattuna verkkoon. Oi, ja sehän on ihan oikea "lento"kone..

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Monday, June 04, 2007

Kick the habit .. hobbit / smoke ban

The first of June Iceland and Finland alongside many other countries stepped in to smoke free coffee and restaurant culture.
Due this enforced new law I decided to gig my smoking habit from the same day when the law started.

I have been smoking more or less 18 years now and I haven't really tried to stop during these years but now I decided to give a go. When I am writing this, it is already 4th smoke free days.

Day 1: graving level 10, irritation level 9, tickling sensations around body . Action: A long walk by the sea and photographing landing airplanes in storm with Holga camera, multible exposure. Loads of vine at nite.

Day 2: graving level 9,5, irritation level 10, joints are aching, feels like worms are travelling around under my skin. Action: A long walk 6 - 8 km with cameras, Movies: Spiderman 3 [shait movie, do not watch, thanks for H&H for free tickets], bars and beer.

Day 3 graving level 7, irritation level 6, my feet are tickling and I have decided to go for foot massage as soon as possible. Action: "movies 28 weeks", brilliant movie!, buying whale meat (smoked and frozen), enjoying Fishermen's days activities at Reykjavik's harbour.

Day 4 (morning) graving level 5, irritation level 4... - so it's getting better!! :)

I'd decided to take it day by day, so I am already winner 'cos 3 whole days without smoking. Hmm.. well, this has a side effect, I have started to drink loads of red vine to forget the cigarette graving... Anyhow, I am pleased of this experience so far and I feel that my body loves it too.. (but still I would love to have one smoke some day...... hee...)

[series of these pictures are from my bathroom, I was emptying my trainers from fine sand into to bath top and I got an inspiration.... ;) ..]

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