Tuesday, February 27, 2007

problems of posting pictures

I haven't been able to post any photos or text recently, but if you see this then I managed to put a link for my digital pictures from January if interested to see ;)..
So long till the blogger works better.

January 2007 favourite digital pictures

Sunday, February 25, 2007


It was about a time to check out my new Lada on a field trip. The car beahavied good and was really smooth to operate. This time my destination was Reykjanes peninsula, more accurately, Reykjanes Viti area.

This was the second time there and I desided to skip the normal spots to take photos, I headed other side of the big cliffs, to a beach with massive smooth edge stones from size a head to a litle man.

All images are digital, I will post the film pictures soon as I have money to develop the films.

Reykjanes viti

a flag possitioned view
The stone called Karl meaning a man or in old norse, a farmer

stone land

splash splush
Sun was getting lower and it was time to turn back to the square one
cute lighthouse, innit?

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What happened with my prinsiple of organic pictures?

Here is my first and hopefully last completely artificial / edited picture (made out with 2 pics). The background for this crime is that, I am frustrated because I had wrong equipments when the change of the century to capture AB appeared. Therefore, I wanted to make out something better or nice looking than the reality is..

Ah well, at least the manipulated image looks preatty ok after all... ;)

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Auroras B activity, picture posting problems

I have been trying to post pictures lately but this "new" improved Blogger service has gone from good to worse... basically it is almost impossible to post pictures..

Below should be a link or visible auroras borealis pictures, if lucky..

Pictures are not the best because I got a wrong kind of film at my hand when this phenomena appeared... 800 ASA film didn't do go for the beatiful view...

Auroras Borealis

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Kristinestad, January

This winter has been strange so far in Finland. The summer was extremely hot and dry in Finland and the autumn was really wet and long.

These pictures are from Kristinestad taken on early January. Normally, there is moderate amount of snow and subsero temperature well before january but not this winter.

Kristinestad's harbour, Dia 100 ASA (organic)

Remainings of old railway. From the clorious days of Kristinestad, now it has been rolled up.

A silhoutte of the west side of the town

East side

Someone is looking at me!!

Pipes at a source of power

The hourbour house / customs

Old shipyard has turned to be a small ghetto called " Varvinmäki".


The sun is going to have a bath at the baltic sea

Someone left a huge tool

The winter turned to be really cold finally in February and the sea got frozen.

According the newspaper last January was unusually warm. Last time when January broke the heat regord was 2002. This year January was 4,5 celsius degrees higher than average. The collected data starts from 1880.

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Reykjavik Harbour, December, Pictures, Dia 100ASA

A Whaling boat and dark birds hanging around


Humans were here

The snow covers the dirt, everything is so clean now Posted by Picasa

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Lemon, Light, Water

Lemon Light Water LLW

I have been posting loads of Digital images recently, now for change few organic pictures, taken to Dia 100 ASA film.

Last images from my previous address before moving. A water can with lemon slices to freshen up while doing packing turned to be pictorious for my eyes..... :)

A weel of lemon

Water, light and metal

Last moods in kitchen before saying good bye Posted by Picasa

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Winterwalk - 27 C, Jyväskylä, Vaajakoski

Having a walk in this cold weather was demanding, I only had normal trainer shoes filled with wool socks, jeans boosted by longjohns and featherjacket.
To keep myself warm I have to move constantly, and the frost was biting my beatiful nose ( it is quite big also) but I didn't care too much cos I had borrowed a digital camera EOS 30D by Canon, and as a person which doesn't have a proper digital camera, then I just have to go crazy to take pictures.

So, below you can see my favourite pics from this walk... - put your hats on cos it might get cold... hee...

Posted by Picasa

The yeallow house in the middle is a coffee house, I went there to warm up and have a latte at right time because my arse was half frozen and eyebros were covered with frost... When I saw my nose from mirror, It was as red as a strawberry can be... hoplaa..

boxing birch trees