Friday, January 26, 2007

Photo shoot 25.01.07 Vesturbaer Reykjavik

Motive:Illustrations for a school project (architecture)
Task: Capture the surrounding of Vesturbaerlaug(swimming pool)
Equipment: Canon EOS 20D
Time: 2 hours
Nourishment: Pylsa (hotdog) med koke (cocacola)


walls can talk

Francis Bagon

I am hungry

During these 2 hours I managed to take over 300 pictures, basically what happened was that I went crazy when having nice digital camera on my hands. As you might know that I mainly use film cameras for photos..... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

F R A M E S [ art project ]

poster #01
frame #01
frame #02

frame #03

frame #04

frame #06

frameless #01

frameless #01,2

This project mirrors the division how we see and think between generations. This brings new things to excistence, new life, birth, out from substance when it is treated in new creative way.

In this project, a substance which has been invented to be consumed orally has turned to be visual, to be consumed by eyes.

By doing this, two generations are taken closer by they own dogmas or limitations and the result is somewhat completely different than thought in the first place.

In this project I have been capturing different ages or stages of sertain action, on the other words, it is a control of which way the life or thing goes. Mastering the life.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Modern Art Museum, Stockholm, Sweden

Moderna Museet, Stockholm, 28th of December 2006

It was first time for me to visit it and I was positively surpriced. I found quite many nice pieces... for example: Olafur Eliasson's: Your compound daylight (1998), Anish Kapoor's: Mother as a Void (1991) and Marcel Duchamp's: Fountain..... and loads more..
- enjoyble


Your compound daylight (1998)

Mother as a Void (1991)


It is definately worth of visiting, so If in Stockholm go to Moderna Museet.. Stockholm is really nice city anyways.. Posted by Picasa

Reykjavik b4 Xmas

Halgrims church, (space shuttle shaped church), - normally I don't take pictures of it but this time it was looking rather acward so..

These lights were set up for broadcasted xmas consert in da church



Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The wishes for NY07

Jeah, It is a time for all kind of wishes at this time of the year but it's really fun thou. Every year I try to create a distinctive greeting because it is not nice to repeat myself year by year..
This year I have made a video from me and Vala, which become so big that i cannot send it by email, but don't worry, I just downloaded it to google video server and you can view it by a link beneath.


so, I am not going to wish here anything cos all the stuff is in da video (or in Montevideo...hee..)

And remember that everything is possible if having a strong imagination, even walking on the water as above... ;)