Sunday, November 26, 2006

Living colours

I don't know do we really see colours as we do see them? Have we just agreed that something is something and when something is something then the thing becomes something that you have an idea in your head, could it be so??
Hee... this one is tough one.... - any an'vares folk?

the angel of the week, Gabriel.

would you like to have your pictures matt, sir?

red onion


I have been working all night without sleep, therefore, I feel sligly weird, as You could possible say if you are reading this post... ah, well, It is time to go sleep for a couple of hours, rest and be fresh, that i would be no guess to continue my work..
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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Flying Strawberries

Ah well, long day no food and when rushing to the fridge, opening the door and there was eager strawberries (previously frozen) they desided to fly but they only manage to land just few centimeters away. It is hard to say where they were planning to go but it didn't end/land well (on they behalf).

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Good Byes and Hellos

A peaceful moment, saying good bye to old hay.

It was getting darker than dark, I was sitting on a wet stone by the sea. The waves were smooth almost like melted chokolat. Pieceful darkness arrived and the air filled with water drops flying silly.

Good Byes [#08]:

Working late, eyes open, no listening the message of the mighty duvet. Out went I!

Hellos [#4]

"Hello!" I say to artificial light. It said something to me, I understand could not.. [those artificial lights are giving similar radiation than the sun is giving us, so called; white light.]

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


aerofrost serie #1, 2, 3, 4.

A Nature made formations on a man made surface, observed by a nature made eye owned by a man, documented with a man made device on sake of nature's makings. Only one question remains who made who? - I don't care as long as I have been made....

Monday, November 13, 2006

Five Angels for the Millennium - Bill Viola

To continue with the theme "installation with great impact for me", I have to mention Bill Viola's Five Angels for the Millennium. This video installation is one of my favourite ones.

I remember the first time when I saw it, I entered a room that was so dark that I couldn't see the floor, I felt really vunerable because every step I took was a step for unsertaintity. Only visible light came from projected videos from the walls. It took few minutes to adapt for new enviromet and then I was able to walk around and I didn't to step on people, which were sitting on the floor watching the videos..

I spend there long time, the videos were slow and the tension was built nicely by sound and images that captured me completely, and you just couldn't leave the moment without seeing where the build tense will lead you next.

Bill Viola uses lot the water element in his work, apparently, he have had close to death experience with water in his past. He presents the water, somehow, mystical and magical as it would have extraordinary powers.. At least I felt the presence of water in his pieces insignificant.

Exhibitions that I have visited:

February 2, 2004 - February 13, 2004The Messenger (1996), "Presence", St. Paul's Cathedral, London, UK

April 18, 2003 - March 1, 2004Five Angels for the Millennium (2001) , Permanent Collection, Tate Modern, London, UK

Watch: Bill Viola, Reflecting Pool, click below.

The Shaman Girl's Prayer

Few years ago when I was living in London I visited Tate Modern - Contemporay Art Museum once a while. Especially, when something was bothering me or I didn't feel the best, I went there alone....

There I used to sit on a bench in a room where they were showing Mariko Mori's: The Shaman girl's prayer, video installation. The images and sounds had a huge impact for me and always after seeing it I was feeling much better.

One day I had a shock!! It wasn't there anymore. They had changed the main exhibition.... even thou, the absense of the Mariko's film I managed to enjoy the new exhibition, including Olafur Eliasson's; Your Double-Lighthouse Projection, which was really interesting. - Working with a white light...

Why I suddenly remembered this stuff... maybe due the thing what happened resently (post beneath explains), I'd gone to see The Shaman Girls's Prayer, if still dwelling by the river Thames.... [ooh, salt and vinegar crisps, hmmm]

HAIL THE MACHINES - the co-excistence with machines / Matter of trust

I have been editing a film for mount or so by using an external hard drive as a storage space. Even thou, I am aware that I should have made safe copies of the material and etc.. but I was trying my luck and trust the technology.. untill.....

Mr.Murphy appeared... result that I have lost all the work, which has been done so far (the film was ready, only waiting some graphics to be added) alongside thousand of picture files...

Luckily enough I have a collection of the best pictures in safe location and the orginal raw film material on tapes....
What we can learn from this, do not trust technology, make always 2 back up copies of your precious files... and don't push your luck endlessly...
- if I am not able to recover the material, I just have to start again from the square one... But anyway, THAT'S LIFE...

Report End....

Friday, November 10, 2006

Storm Warning 10th of Nov: Stay indoors [ south west Iceland ] WIND: 101 km/h

We are expecting in few hours a strong storm, it should peak in early morning between 6 - 7 am. All flights are canselled for further notice.The wind is predicted to rice up to 101 km/h, which equals 28 meters per second or more.
Last weekend we had milder storm. It was funny to watch garbage bins rolling around in garden. And day after the storm, one could see many stones flown many meters from wavebreaker (see pic. below - same place).
I don't know if I am dearing to go out with my camera, It is possible really hard to walk in the first place, but if I do, I'll have some pictures.

ps. the wind is really loud already and rain is drumming the windows... hmm.. romantic..

Friday, November 03, 2006


Now I know what to do if the pole shift happens. - very detailed guide how to spot the shift and what to do.


Countdown Signs

The "pole shift" will not take anyone by surprise, given the plethora of Undeniable Signs that something momentous is around the corner, such as increasing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, intractable droughts and inexplicable downpours, and most telling of all, an increasing slowing of the Earth's rotation.
Nevertheless, the exact moment, day, or week to disrupt everyone's schedule and head for the hills or farm seems difficult to determine. Are there countdown signs that can be used as a guide? They are indeed.
The most dramatic sign will be a slowing rotation. Where at the present time, this rate is enough to cause an occasional fraction of a second, per year, of adjustment to the world clock, this will soon change.
This increasing slowdown will get diminishing press coverage, as clocks are quietly adjusted behind the scenes and the public allowed to believe their clocks must be running fast.
But there will be a point in time, a few days ahead of when rotation stops, when this will get blatantly obvious.
When one wakes up in the morning, finding it to be dark outside rather than a breaking dawn, yet the clocks in the house and the entire neighborhood confirm that it is indeed the morning hour - this is a countdown sign.
Rotation will completely stop in a day or so, with such a dawn followed by an evening where the Sun seems reluctant to set, setting hours later than usual, and then rotation stops completely. A second countdown sign is a fine red dust, unmistakable as it cannot be confused with any other natural occurrence.
Ponds and rivers turn red, the blood color mentioned in the Bible's "Book of Revelation", with this iron ore dust giving the water a brackish taste.
This countdown sign comes almost in step with the rapid slowing in rotation, as "the 12th Planet" must be between the Earth and the Sun for the trash in its tail to be sweeping the Earth.
Again, this occurs a day or so before rotation stops, and travel will become difficult if not impossible once it does.
Where coming late, for primitive peoples without mechanical clocks there is a third countdown sign that can be scarcely ignored.
The Earth moans, during her rotation slowing and stoppage, a sound not heard by humans except during earthquakes. Here, the moaning is chronic, essentially continuous, as though under a stress it cannot relieve with an earthquake, yet cannot bear in silence.
For those who question the accuracy of their mechanical clocks, and who may have missed the presence of red dust due to living indoors, this moaning of the Earth is equivalent to the clanging of the fire marshal's bell. Here it comes, ready or not!

First Steps

To the degree that one is able, take yourself to a relatively safe place at least by the time the rotation of the Earth occurs. The timing of this will not take you by surprise, as the "inbound planet will be seen in the sky, unaided by telescope, for 7 weeks prior to the shift".
The day of rotation stoppage is also not a surprise, as clocks and watches will be increasingly poky, and rotation takes a day to stop.
Even if in the wrong place at that time, in that most of the population will be in shock but functioning, one could most likely travel on roads or even rails. Get going to "your safe location", if not there already.
During the week of rotation stoppage, preparations not already made for the hour of the shift can be addressed, with rehearsals.
On the long-day side of the Earth, it will seems like the worst mid-summer days, and on the long-night, colder than expected and one must deal with the dark, so anticipate these situations, depending upon where your location is.
High winds are avoided by being at ground level, in a trench or under an overhang, or the like.
Downpour, deluges, and flooding might occur, depending upon your location, so wherever you are riding out the shift should not be where you will be flooded or drown.
Existing structures are best avoided, so do not plan on being in or under any existing structure. The least structure around you, the better, during quakes. Plan on being prone, not upright, so roll along the ground rather than being dashed.
Having established what you will do when the hour arrives, the next issue is to watch for the hour.
Assign, among your group, at least one individual at all times to watch the skies and for signs.
The tail of the passing planet will curve toward the earth, due to gravity attraction, so some red dusting will occur almost as soon as rotation stoppage occurs.
But when approaching the hour of the shift, the tail lashing will get extreme, with not only red dust but gravel and hail falling.
This is a sign that the shift is very close, within hours, and all should seek shelter under the sod or metal roofs they have constructed over trenches, or under overhangs.
It is not necessary for all to be prone, for hours, if watching the skies is ongoing and by competent individuals. Children, in particular, should be allowed to release their energy in play, but keep them close and within voice call.
The separating of the crust from the core is unmistakable, in that jiggling can be felt, and the stars or the Sun or whatever visible in the sky will move. It is at this point that preparations for the shift itself should be made.
Lie down, keeping children firmly in hand so they cannot panic and run out into the wind or lashing tail.
Singing loudly in a group sing or some other engrossing activity will help in this regard, and keep the adults from panic also.
Jolting and cracking of nearby trees will be felt and heard, and all should be ignored if the site has been well selected.
At the end of the hour, it will be apparent that it is safe to emerge, as jolting will have stopped. A test can be done against the sky. Have the stars or the Sun stopped moving? Then the shift is past.

How to Identify

In the week or so leading up to rotation stoppage, what can be expected is a continuation of today, extreme weather, quakes in bursts globally, and a gradual slowing of rotation such that clocks never seem to be synched up anymore.
Then the day or days before rotation stoppage will increase this slowdown such that minutes, then hours, then a total stop will occur.
In other words, you will have but two days notice, and the first of those days doubtful as it will involve minutes, not seconds, and clocks being off already this will be a confused point.
It is the day when the Sun sets hours later than expected that should be the trumpet in the skies, the flashing red light, the announcement you have been waiting for that now is the moment to drop all and rush to your safe location.
Up until rotation stops, the crust of the Earth is under stress but dealing with it as before, with increased quakes and weird weather and melting poles, but only a slight increase day to day in these matters.
When rotation stops, the core is trying to turn, the crust locked in place by the approaching Planet X grip on the strong magnetized Atlantic Rift, and dramatic changes occur.
The Earth moans, and the stretch along the Atlantic will snap bridges, tear electric and phone lines, and derail trains. This is where imploding buildings will occur, as the underlying infrastructure will move, collapsing the buildings overhead.
In areas of compression, where mountain building is occurring or along the Pacific Rim, volcanic activity will greatly increase.
A stopped rotation will affect the atmosphere, in that wind current will be more extreme, moving cold air primarily to warm places, which can result in more tornado activity in those areas affected.
Likewise, ocean currents will move differently, cold water rushing more rapidly to those warm areas, and swirling. This will create more hurricane or typhoon type activity in those areas affected.
Given all this, the populace will be greatly distracted, and might miss the next sign to watch for, which is the dusting with red dust that turns rivers and lakes blood red and bitter. This dusting is followed by hail, and stronger quakes as at this point the shift is only days or hours away.
For those not able to see the sky, to gauge motion of the crust during the hour of the shift by a movement of the Sun or Moon or stars, they should at this point be in their trenches, virtually living there.
Obviously, as the shift takes place over an hour, and it is the stop of the crust slide where the huge quakes occur, one can leave to relieve themselves or stretch, but certainly sleeping should be done in the trenches.
At the start of the shift, there is a strong clue that crust shift has started, and this is the uptick in wind.
As the crust moves, the atmosphere resists, and this causes hurricane force winds globally.
Where the wind was stronger than usual during rotation stoppage, this will be unique in that it will come from the direction the crust is moving.
For North America, for instance, the crust will be moving NW, and the hurricane winds comes from that direction. To those confused about direction, take a globe, and rotate the globe accordingly.
There will also be a jiggling in the Earth, a sense of motion, jerking, that will be consistent with crust movement during this hour of the shift.
The hurricane force winds persist for an hour or more after the shift, as the atmosphere adjusts.
Except as a caution to watch for falling structures around you, broken glass, fearful animals that might attack if they feel they are blocked, there is no reason not to emerge from your trenches.
It is over, and picking up the pieces and comforting the injured and devastated can start.

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(pic of possible old north pole location)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tröllafoss - Sunny Sunday Walk 29th of Oct

Sunny sunday 29th of October I paid visit to Tröllafoss (Troll waterfall) on Leirvogsá river with Halli Kalli Da artist.
It is amazing that such of beatifull place(s) could be found so close of the city, only 20 minutes drive. It has been a long time since last visit to the nature and I got the urge to take photographs, naturally!
Apparently, I haven't been taking any pictures for long time and I have been wondering why is it so, have I lost the interest, and the answare is that I just haven't been in new interesting places recently...

First we drove as long as possible in a road which is only reqocmended to drive with a good 4x4 cars, but Halli's super Lada did really good job and we managed to get pretty close of the river canyon.
(all pictures are taken by digital camera - proper film pictures will be placed on blog after I have developed the films)

Tröllafoss is located by the Mountain Esja, which dominates the landscape if you are looking north - northeast from Reykjavik.

Enjoying the sounds of the nature and the waterfall. - Halli mentioned that the sounds from waterfall covers all the frequenses that human ear can hear or sense.

When walking by the canyon I realised that my hobby to take photographs has brought me back in to connection with nature. - I am country side boy originally but I have been living in big cities for many years and I had lost the connection. Maybe the next step to communicate with the nature is that I don't take cameras with me when going there and just enjoy the landscape and elements without interfearance of trying to get a perfect shot...

By a little stream the little philosopher / poet in me got out:
frozen dreams in movement, capture a moment and be emotionally moved...

a little things are important, enjoy them and the whole thing shanges to something else, sweet and harmonous...

did anyone see the ice prinsess last night, she was here, i feel it.

hmm.. what to write under this picture...

Its getting dark again, the ice prinsess will come back tonight, I hope. I'll wait till dawn, and I will become a frozen flower....

a loooong sleep till the spring start singing and wakes me with its warm lips...

Jepp Jepp!!! ;)

Tröllafoss undir hlíður Esjunnar.

Pillar hils

The day is getting old and the sun is settling...

Hey hey, hay....

I made friends with horses, we shared an apple and we had jolly good laug together! :) -iiihahahaa

The part of Mt.Esja behind the horses is called coffin fjell/mountain, the name comes from its shape.

- that's all by now folks, ciau!!