Wednesday, October 11, 2006

10th of October - Trip

Yesterday I had a pleasure to add one number more in my life time counter. I selebrated that by driving to country side with my better half after relaxing moments in a hotpot (hot water pool with masaging water streams, 38 - 40 degrees of celcius). We were listening Finnish Tango, which is really romantic and had melancolic tone, that suited perfectly the rainy weather. - tango music is fantastic, makes you sentimental and high spirited...

The colours of autuumn were still strong, the wind hasn't blown the colourfull leafs from bushes yet at Thingvellir:

From Thingvellir we took a road 52, that we haven't tried before, it was curvy and small and it was leading for deserted wilderness.....

We saw some proud Icelandic sheeps, and they were so proud that when we wanted to talk with them they just turned their arses towards us and started running away..

When we wanted to take pictures of them, they turned to be really shy, especially that sheep on the bushes. Ah well, I think that we wouldn't do a fortune by taking pictures of sheeps in the first place.. ;)

The weather was rainy and grey, but that didn't matter when feeling the lack of human presence and their influence for landscape.

This place is called Tröllháls, in english: Trolls trouth. We stopped there and said hello to nature and possible trolls there. ;) - we didn't see any, thou!

After few minutes wandering around the wind started to get stronger and the rain drops were making nice sounds on our jackets. - it was the time to leave that hill alone to be undisturbed.

On the way to Borgarfjordur the wind got really strong and the rain was floating on the roads... but the finnish tango kept us high spirited all the way back to Reykjavik...


Auroras Borealis - Northern Lights

I met recently a swedish photographer and he showed his Northern Lights pictures, which were absolutely amazing. Therefore, I got an urge to hunt Auroras Borealis too.
One evening the sky was clear and full of stars, I managed to borrow a car and I went to Grotta near by Reykjavik. Fortunately the Northern Lights appeared but unfortunately they were preatty small. But here are some pictures from that night and when I have finnished one film in the camera I will post more pictures. (ASA 100 Dia 35mm)

Blue greenish Aurora B

Lighthouse at Grotta

Blue greenish Aurora B - clouds are cathering from North, which looks nice front of the AuroB

Lighthouse, and on left there is a light from a passing boat.

It is quite difficult to take night picture with old fashion film camera (digi cameras you see the result right away), you have to think of the lighting carefully and if the aim of the picture has a light source or if there is a moonlight one have to take it in consideration. - That night here was a fantastic moonlight, almost full moon.. The swedish photographer gave me tips to film Auroras, if it's fast moving then shutter speed should be no more than 5 seconds (to be able to get the form of it) and if it's slow moving then you should use 8 seconds..

So the hunt of A Perfect Aurora Borealis has started!!! - let the autuum be lightfull. Posted by Picasa

Night Pictures 28th of Sept - Blackout Night

28th of September Reykjavik and surrounding town shut down their street lights for a half an hour. It was part of starting seremony of a Film festival. The aim was that due the darkness the night sky and stars would be more visible but unfortunately there was too much clouds that stars didn't blink. (all pics are 100 ASA dia film 35 mm)

Shiny happy Shell casoline station

Heavenly gas station with heavenly prices

the clock was then 23:23 and temperature 11 celcius - nice timing

A view towards Kopavogur - even thou the street lights were shut down there was loads of lighted buildings. This picture is taken after they turned on the street lights again.

landing airplane

Selfpotrait #01

Selfpotrait #02

Perlan's shadow people or.. ghosts?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pictures from Tromsö, Norway, August

Norway is always really pictorious, the mountains are my favourite (of course because I am from a flatland). Film camera pics.... - and a big thank for Norske folke for hospitality and great time!!!

My lucky number, Downing St in London, commandments, birthday... etc..

ah well, this picture for refrence to religious things mentioned above ( this picture looks like an angry god guarding his regime or something, Tromsö church, class painting )

- couldn't deside the positioning, therefore I took 2 pictures of same direction... you choose which is postioned better.. pls. comments..

A photographer at work - couldn't be a better topic to shoot, for me or him?? ;)

Kristinestad, Bergisviken Summer Pictures from August

These pictures are taken with old fashioned film camera... enjoy the evening colours and stillness. :)

This is the place that I have taken most of my pictures over the years 'cos it is my country home in Finland and when I go there I always take pictures from same place... - maybe over the years I will have dozen hundred pictures from same spot and I could try to find pictures that are excatly same... (sounds like a mission impossible but might be fun)...

Seirens on a stone, but I wouldn't praise their singing, thou... ;)