Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Trip around Iceland - a hunt of.... Report #01

Here comes some digi pictures from this trip. I mainly consentrate taking dia and black&white pictures on this journey with 2 camera system (meaning that around mi neck hangs a big load of objects and lences), therefore, lack of digital images to be posted. However, here comes few.

First digitally documented images are from Jökullsarlon:

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Karlstadirviti: (?)


Lada Niva, a car of my dreams :)

After a night with litle sleep I was tired and desided to have a nap in fenced area where country people bring they sheep to be identified and taken to a winter shelter:

Picture above is fabricated, i am not at sleep but i try to look like.... It was extremely cosy place to sleep (1,5 hours), sun was keeping me warm and the fence was giving a shelter against wind, 2 litres citron sparkling water botle was my pillow and when waking up there it was ready to be swalloved and consumed (5 star service).... - was so good that i didn't have to count sheeps to be able to fell into the dreamland.... ;)

Happy and well rested "roadrunner"..

I am writing this report from Egilstadir, east of Iceland... seems like nice place... and this coffee house "Te & Kaffi" where I am now offers fantastic Quiche... or bake... and coffee is excellent... hmmm... - i gona have a double espresso and then i'll hit the road!!!

So long and Thank all the fish... May the fork be with you....

Monday, July 17, 2006

A Trip around Iceland - a hunt of Sun shine and good weather

- One man, a car, a tower of calming nature friendly cds and camera kit -

This Monday morning appr. in one hours time I will hit the road. The destination today is south-east of this "Ultima Thule Borealis" island passing by the Vatnajökull-clasier ending somewhere near by Hornafjordur.
I have done carefully some weather observations and studied all possible forecasts last few days, a result is: a schedule which follows the possible good weather around the island. Fingers crossed! :)

Lets hope that weather gods and camera elfs are good for me.
Ciau Tsau!!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Shit pictures from June / i wish that i would not have press the trikker

Why I am always showing good pictures "in my opinion"? but now I would like to present pictures that I think are really bad. The world has two faces ugly and beaty and the normal life swings around those extremes... so for balance we should see the whole picture... hee.. (getting a bit philosophical today)

I challenge all of you to show your worst pictures, jeh!!!

(my pictures are only taken with a film camera)

Well, this is from Fågeltorn and i don't know what i wanted to catch on this pic, atleast the horizon is more or less strait.

Hlemmur, RVK, just picture taken for killing time, the view through the lens didn't feel right in the first place....

Skogstorp, Kristinestad, Selfpotrait taken with timer.... midsummer night, dad watching television, mum sleeping and me alone grilling a sausage with my camera... picture settings are quite bad.. ;)

Honkajoki, Finland, (a village with 3 machinery shops, - hundreds of huge machines there), was far too dark and i just wanted to take a picture despite i didn't really wanted to take a pic.. and u can see the result..

Olafsvik, Iceland, -there post to be a rainbow in da picture but where is it ;)

Reykjavik, I was standing on wrong spot to get a nice view of the aeroplanus...

Honkajoki, Fin. -not goood..

Hotel Moscow, Restaurant Moscow in St.Petersburg, was the band moving or me.... heh..

Neva, St.Petersburg.... jep jep..

Harström, fin, -jee, windmills, gotta take a pic....

Neva, St.Petersburg, - propably drunk at the hotel room and i wanted to play as a photographer... hee..

Kilen, Finland, - this picture could bin good but ruined it by focusing on the row handler instead the beautiful flowers...

so, the challenge for you: try to find the worst picture from June that you have taken...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Fifth Element / Viides Elementti - EXHIBITION Poster

The poster is ready now for my exhibition and it will be distributed all around the world! :) - hoplaa

Monday, July 10, 2006

From Air Picture - Levitational activity with help of several Aeroplanes


Hafnarfjördur, Garðabær, Kópavogur, Reykjavík

Alcoa aluminium factory

Greater Reykjavík area

Reykjavík harbour / city centre, Akranes

Les Capitoles Islandunus

Snæfellsnesjökull in far distance


Somewhere in Norway, mountainplate near by Bergen

Somewhere in Norway, mountainplate near by Bergen

Åland argipelago

Sweden, near by Arlanda Internationa Airport (by the way, they have the hardest toiletpaper there compared to any other airport what i have visited)

Near by Krindavík, Iceland

Keflavík Air base, with a huge golfball

Selfoss and Ingólfsfell

A river, dunno name...

Somewhere, here with some, sohe reme w.....

Peasant activity by a small river

At the back is mountain or hill called Keilir

Saturday, July 08, 2006

- A Nasty Morning SurprisE -

This morning 080706 started peacefully under the clear sky but a nasty surprice was hanging on the air. When Thorey and Vala were just about to go bachelour party somewhere in country side with a car they found out that someone has mached the car windows over the night. There were more than 8 cars with similar treatment by some drunken blokes (was in the radio too). Police (lögga) was called and the insidence was reported and the girls got an alternative vechicle to attend the henn festivies.

When something unpleasant happens there always is something good also, in this case beatiful broken class formation to be capture on film. Enjoy!

(ps. i am not trying to be over optimistic) ;)

class fountain

Deep ocean blue sharp land

Universe #1

Shadow rivers

Fagir sphaphires

It was corner

There wasn't yellow - lack of thinking