Tuesday, May 30, 2006

One fly over a pier, or almost..

Think about yourself to be under water, you are trapped, and you desperately want air to breath.

- This fish must have a horrifying, similar kind, thoughts when stranded on a pier, and the thirst of life in mind till the last gasp.

The life is unpredictable and you don't know what tomorrow brings, therefore, we should live now in this moment as it would be our last day in tellus but still do not left behind unfinished businesses. Moreover, we shouldn't spend our lives by fearing the death because that will reduce the sensation of surrounding things and happenings.

- ah well, I think that I am not be the best life management consultant... ;)

I named this the fish: "Prometheus" ( - don't know its real name)

Ps. Prometheus was the rebel godin Greek mytology; in defiance of Zeus, he gave fire and other comforts to the mortals on the earth.

Prometheus was a not a fool, but why else would he rebel against Zeus? He tried to trick Zeus (who knows all and sees all) with a false sacrifice. How foolish can you get? Prometheus also stole fire from Zeus and gave it to the primitive mortals on the earth. Zeus did not punish Prometheus alone, he punished the entire world for the effrontery of this rebel god.
Prometheus was the son of Iapetos and Klymene (Clymene). His name means Forethought.
Prometheus was a god long before Zeus took the Throne of Eternity. He fought for Zeus against the devising Kronos (Cronos), but Prometheus never had true respect for Zeus. He feared that the new Olympians had no compassion for each other or the mortals on the earth below. To show his disdain, Prometheus prepared two sacrifices and, in an attempt to belittle father Zeus, he made one sacrifice of fat and bones and the other of the finest meat. The trick was, Prometheus had wrapped the fat in such a way that it looked to be the most sincere tribute of the two. Zeus saw through the trick and magnanimously controlled his anger. He warned Prometheus but did not punish him.

Monday, May 29, 2006

f r u i t c o c t a i l - c i t r u s w e t r u s t - (fruityartifarty)

When thinking of Lemon it brings a funny reaction, the mouth starts producing a liquid. This happens because we remember how sour it is and our bodies start automatically a chemical reaction; the result is that we have mouthful of slime and probably have to spit it out somewhere (preferable into the toilet sink)...

Citrus fruits have a fantastic structure, when the fruit is sliced the fantastic texture opens nicely and imagination might take you in a journey to the fruitlandia or somewhere....... :)

Fruit photo session 07/06/06, Kristinestad

[slime factory experience]

#01 - lemonator

#02 - bloodgrapes at coalition

#03 - bloodgrape, firebird

#04 - ah, lemon, - gin and tonic would be nice with it

#05 - citrus vitrine, sour family 01

#06 - citrus vitrine, sour family 02

#07 - citrus vitrine, sour family 03

#08 - limenators

#09 - citrus vitrine, sour family 04

- other fruits have nice structure also, but personally I like Citrus fruits structure.

# 10 - kiwi, oz, u name it

# 11 - granadeapple, bloodsells

# 12 - passion fruit, a shark mouth

# 12 - passion.., (no comment)

(i have more nice pictures but this blogger program doesn't let me post them, grrrr..)

Friday, May 26, 2006

Finland the land of contrast

After Finland won the Eurovision Song Contest, finlanders have been associated as ..hmm.. not so beautiful people due the Lordi band's outlook or appearance.
I want prove that wrong or show that the beauty also lives in Finland alongside troll like creatures. :)

Prinsessa Hilja (my sister's dottir)

Mr. Putaansuu alias Lordi

Iceland, my island. - Photographs

My latest pictures. Normally when developing the film only 3 - 4 pictures I like or are nice, if there is more good ones than that then it is a lucky day!! :)
- today was a lucky day, hurraah!

þjórsá river, - the biggest river in Iceland according the amount of water what goes in it

Sýrlækur, Bót island - view with Mt.Hekla

Reykjavík harbour, - digging machine says hello, gimme five!!

Kaffivagninn, Reykjavík harbour

Stokkseyri, harbour pier, - nailed or not

Stokkseyri, harbour pier

Knarrarósviti, shadow people (in the shadow there is "Twisted Sister" band's logo)

Knarrarósviti, the dark year in our history

Knarrarósviti, there it stands

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wednesday lightness at Babalu and pictures

It's wednesday evening and I am sitting at Kaffihus Babalu. It is cold out side, + 5, really cold northern wind more or less 15 meters per second and bright sunlight is washing everything with warm ideas. So it is perfect to stay in coffee house and think and drink hot coffee..
Tomorrow is a bank holiday and people seem relaxed and happy. Some are playing baccammon and some are writing poems, or just chat. - I feel like a fly on the cealing when observing people, or like CCTV camera. ;)
Earlier today I went to photoshop (fuji at Skipholt) to develop to film rolls, was nice long walk there. Now it is the matter of how I can wait 2 days before seeing the result. - what I can do about it? - nothing, I guess.
Ah well, meanwhile I can publish some pictures of Kaffihús Babalú what I have taken recently with Digital wonder camera... ( I prefer old fashion film cameras)...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pictures from Iceland # 02 [Reykjavík harbour]

reefs near by the harbour

fisfull boat coming into the harbour

calmness in the chelter of harbour

old tyres are still in good use

blueness of the water shines out even the day is cloudy

spaghetti frutti di mare

old warehouse (has been demolished by now)

an elephant boat (at least I see it so)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Pictures from Iceland # 01





Lake Tjörnin